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KGUT6HWKUZThis fix prevents an HTTP hang when finishing a LotusScript agent. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
JBAS6UGU3VMade a minor change to resync Notes and LotusScript standalone packs.
BHUY6R5CZAAdded static text to the column advanced properties infobox explaining that Style is not really a property, to avoid user...
GFLY6JSL7XFixed missing 'extern C' in net.h in SDK.
JCHN7ANKG2If the design task was run on a lower-level server after replicating with an upper level server where a
database property was set that the lower...
GMUN76WCUACertain checkboxes in the column sort properties, were not disabled appropriately when the infobox was opened (for instance you could change...
HYAI7BMCSZControls within layout regions may be incorrectly positioned when displayed within a dialog. This regression was introduced in 8.0 and has been...
JSHN6Y2VTYModules which use Scriptlibs load slowly. With this fix, chains of scriptlibs should load up to 50% faster.
STAA7A28RKFixed a problem where the BeginInsert method could not insert an object after the specified element.
STAA79LDY9Fixed a problem where hotspottext returned an invalid string when a text style was in a part of the hotspot link changes.
XZWG76YB37Added code to take OLE into account behind the CompoundTextAddRenderedNote.
YDEN7C2M55Fixed instances of "Type mismatch on external name: UIMEMODOCUMENT" and "Variant does not contain an object" error messages.
TGUZ5M2SR8Added EM hooks for NSFDbNoteLock and NSFDbNoteUnlock.
BHUY75XJL2LotusScript is yielding too often, which was necessary a while back with slower machines. Now that Machines are much faster, we changed it to yield...
JPKR78KSKRReplaced activation.jar with activation.jar 1.1. And replaced mail.jar with mail.jar version 1.4.
RGAU7BCGFHThis fix prevents Designer from removing the "yellow star" next to before new mail arrives agents if the
database is refreshed from a design...
YNII76Q52BFixed a problem where a simple action would not work properly on 801 when a user did not have create agent privileges. This regression was...
DPOL6DTGTHPerformance improvement in the time it takes to open a form which contains several subforms with script libraries.
CTSI75LJS4The value stored in a computed rich-text field will no longer be lost if a back-end save is performed.
CLWG7DC9P9Added a new SDK: SECKFMGetCertifierCtxExt.
CSMH7D2TUJFixed error "Restricted Operation
Cannot Cross Logical Boundaries Error" when using the remove method of NotesEmbeddedObjectClass. This regression...
AHOE76C68JWhen running a LotusScript agent, the server may crash when inserting data into a Rich Text item. This problem has been fixed.


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